We offer art workshops and seminars to all artists to of various skill levels to develop and learn new art techniques and learn new skills and trends in the art industry. While the educational components are nude/fine art focused, they can be applied to any discipline. We offer free downloads from industry experts below in our downloads section. Feel free to use them to gain or brush up on your skills and techniques.

Note: You must be of legal age to attend classes/workshops/seminars
or download books.

Current Educational Opportunities

These are potential classes scheduled for future dates. Actual classes, dates, and times will be announced in ASAP.
If there are topics that you would like to see, please CONTACT US.
Fine Art Photography 101

In this workshop, we provide an introduction to nude photography, along with tips, examples, and recommended gear. Nude photography can be seen as an extension genre of portrait photography, and can be used for many purposes including artistic endeavors, commercial use, and educational use.

Fine Art Painting Poses

Working with models is an essential part of the fine art tradition, whether for figurative or portrait work – despite photography’s tremendous helpfulness in providing easy access to reference, it cannot take the place of the variety of tones and expressions encountered in the presence of a living person.

Pricing Your Art to Sell

You’re finally doing it: entering your artwork in an exhibition for the first time. That’s great! You frame your work, load it up, make your way to the gallery, and go to sign it in. Medium, title, artist name — these are easy questions. Where’s the hard stuff?
Oh, there it is. “Price.” You draw a blank.

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SKIN! The "Sexy" Art Show

The 6th Annual SKIN Art Show
(July 14-15, 2023) promises to deliver the best in eroticism from all corners of the fine art world. Talented artist, performers and patrons will converge for a night of sensory exploration, live performances, and the opportunity enjoy food & drinks in an all-adult setting while browsing and purchasing wonderfully crafted pieces by some very talented individuals. Come and experience what this signature event has to offer as you become aroused in your SKIN...again!

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